Pr T Face The Winter Virus

Ready to face the viruses of winter? : The doctor's advice

The advice of Dr. Christophe P., general practitioner.

What are the diseases of winter?

The three major diseases of winter are respiratory infections, gastroenteritis and influenza. But luckily, it is possible to spend the winter without being sick! A person between 20 and 50 years old, active, with a healthy lifestyle, who plays sports, will have no worries a priori.

Of course, some families are more sensitive than others, partly sometimes for reasons of genetic predispositions. And, in general, catching a virus in early winter, increases the risk of falling sick several times in a few months, because the immune defenses will be reduced.

Who are the people most at risk?

We need to pay attention to the most vulnerable people: the elderly, children (especially infants), and people who are weakened by a health problem. For example, it is better to advise not to bring sick children to an elderly person. They could pass on their viruses.

What precautions should be taken against respiratory infections?

Winter needs to be protected from cold, fatigue and stress, as all of these factors promote respiratory infections. Clothing is essential. You can, for example, put successive layers, which can then be removed in a warmer place and avoid the hot / cold that promote infections.

Sleep is also very important. It should be remembered that an adult sleeps 7 to 8 hours a night, while a child or teenager must sleep one to two hours more. If despite all the fatigue remains, it is better then to avoid asking too much of his organism.

Finally, food hygiene is the same throughout the year, however some help is possible if the need arises: cures of vitamins or trace elements can be useful.

Follow the flu epidemic

Influenza is an infectious disease that occurs episodically and epidemic each winter. Discover on our map if flu cases are growing near you!

How to avoid gastroenteritis and the flu?

People prone to gastroenteritis may consume pro-biotics that help replenish the intestinal flora. It is found in yogurts or fermented milk.

But for the flu the only prevention is vaccination! It is strongly recommended for people at risk. But, people who move a lot, who are in contact with many people can also be vaccinated. On the other hand, an isolated person who does not leave home, has no risk of catching this disease.

Can we heal alone?

For young and healthy people, self-medication can be used for nasopharyngitis or gastroenteritis. But if the symptoms persist beyond 48 hours, it is better to consult a doctor. As for people at risk, the ideal for them is to consult as soon as possible.

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