Over 10 Rem Against Constipation

More than 10 remedies and tips against constipation

In France, almost one in three - especially women - suffer from constipation . A problem that often remains "secret" because of its embarrassing and taboo character.

In everyday life, constipation is a real problem that seems unresolved ... for those concerned. However, there are simple remedies that can find a more regular transit.

What are the problems of constipation?

Once the food has passed the stomach, they follow a path of almost eight meters in the intestine. It is the movement of contraction of the intestines that advances the content, called "food bolus". It is then stored in the rectum before being eliminated in the form of waste called "stool".

In some people this operation takes place one to several times a day, in others it is less frequent, without this particularly annoying.

We are talking about transient constipation from a real rarefaction associated with a difficulty of stool production (less than three times a week). Chronic constipation is mentioned when this condition lasts for several weeks, even months.

Our advices

In this folder, you will find many practical tips to help with transit and to properly use laxatives, or other remedies when needed.

Read the recommendations of a gastroenterologist, who explains when to really talk about constipation, and the testimony of a woman who suffers from chronic constipation.

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Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Dr. Philippe Capelle, gastroenterologist.
Last updated: February 2015.

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