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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Dermatology
active ingredients: Tretinoin
laboratory: Bailleul

Solution for cutaneous application
Bottle with metering valve of 50 ml
All forms


Acne of medium severity, particularly indicated in retention acne.

· Disorders of keratinization resistant to emollients.

· Flat warts.

Dosage EFFEDERM 0, 05% Solution for cutaneous application Bottle with metering valve of 50 ml


· Acne
The starting dosage is one application, in the evening. The frequency of applications will be adjusted according to the reactions obtained.

In case of significant primary irritation, switch to one application every other day.

In the absence of any local reaction, the frequency of applications can be increased to 2 per day. From the end of the second week to the end of the treatment of attack (12th to 14th week), the rhythm of the applications is on average of once a day or less in case of persistent irritation.

It is necessary to prescribe a frequency of application such that it avoids unpleasant irritation reactions; only mild erythema, moderate desquamation, or even a slight burning sensation are acceptable.

It will be necessary to envisage more important reactions in subjects with thin skin, with blond or red hair, and to choose the most adapted posology.

To obtain the best result, the patient must be informed of the normal reactions that indicate the start of treatment: primary irritation and transient efflorescence; it should be reviewed regularly to adjust dosage and minimize primary irritation.

He should be warned of the delayed nature of the improvement, of the interest in continuing therapy until the third month to obtain an optimum result and the need for treatment.

The improvement is clearly visible around the 6th week of treatment, it continues to lead to the best possible around the 12th week or the 14th week.

At this date, or earlier, if all the acne elements have disappeared, we can switch to maintenance treatment with 2 or 3 applications per week.

· Disorders of keratinization - flat warts:

o The frequency of applications will depend on the nature of the condition. It is on average 1 to 2 applications per day.

Administration mode

After washing and thoroughly drying the skin, apply the solution with the aid of a cotton make-up remover pad to the areas to be treated, avoiding the eyes, eyelids, lips, nostrils.

Discard the cotton makeup remover after use.

Against indications

Hypersensitivity to any of the components.

Adverse effects Effederm

Reversible skin irritation may occur, disappearing when treatment is discontinued or applications are spaced apart. A feeling of warmth or a slight tingling may occur after application.

Due to the presence of propylene glycol, risk of contact eczema.

Due to the presence of alcohol, frequent applications can cause irritation and dryness of the skin.

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