Eczema: contact eczema

Contact eczema is more likely to occur in adults. It appears just in the contact of the skin with the allergen:

  • on the hands, if a cleaning product or latex gloves are responsible for the allergy,
  • on the eyelids if a cosmetic eye product contains the allergen,
  • on the earlobes if the person is allergic to nickel earrings,
  • on the wrist if it is a gold watch, etc.

Even some fabric fibers may be allergenic and cause contact eczema.

When the allergen is inevitable, this disease sometimes poses problems, especially professional.

The symptoms of contact dermatitis are locally skin irritation, itching, flaking ...

Adults sometimes suffer from eczema, not necessarily linked to the contact of a particular substance. Thus people suffer from eczema plaques that may occur in different parts of the skin. In this case, we can assume a psychosomatic origin.

The best treatment for contact eczema is to avoid contact with the allergenic agent. People who are allergic to gold should not wear it! :) In addition to these measures, a local treatment for a few days with cortisone can be prescribed by the doctor.

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