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Generic drug from Pevaryl
Therapeutic class: Dermatology
active ingredients: Econazole
laboratory: Ranbaxy Pharma Generic

30 g tube
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Candidiasis :

Cutaneous candidiasis encountered in the human clinic is usually due to Candida albicans . However, the detection of a candida on the skin can not constitute in itself an indication;

· Treatment.:

o intertrigos, in particular genito-crural, anal and perianal,

o perleche

o vulvitis, balanitis.

In some cases, it is recommended to treat the digestive tract simultaneously.

· Adjunctive treatment of onyxis and perionyxis.

Dermatophyties :

· Treatment:

o dermatophyties of the glabrous skin,

o genital and crural intertrigos,

o intertrigos of the toes.

o Treatment of sycosis and keriosis: an associated antifungal systemic treatment is to be discussed.

· Adjunctive treatment:

o moths,

o Trichophyton rubrum folliculitis.

An associated antifungal systemic treatment is necessary.

Pityriasis versicolor


Dosage ECONAZOLE RPG 1% Cream Tube of 30 g

Regular twice-daily application until complete disappearance of the lesions.

Apply the cream on the areas to be treated with the fingertips, a few drops having been deposited in the palm of the hand or directly on the lesions. Massage gently until complete penetration.

The preferred indications of the cream form are shown in the following table:


Suggested forms

Duration of treatment


· Mycosis of the folds: genital intertrigo, sub-mammary, inter-digital ...

- not macerated


1 to 2 weeks approximately 1 to 2 tubes

- macerated


1 to 2 weeks approximately 1 to 2 vials

· Mycosis of the mucous membranes and semi-mucous membranes: vulvitis, balanitis, anitis, candidiasis of the seat.

fluid emulsion

8 days, 1 bottle

· Mycosis of fragile skin: children, face

fluid emulsion

2 to 3 weeks approximately 2 to 3 vials

· Mycosis of the nails: onyxis, perionyxis

cream + anti-fungal per os

1 to 2 months approximately 4 to 8 tubes


· Dermatophytosis of the smooth skin


2 weeks, 2 tubes

· Genital and crural intertrigo:

- not macerated


2 to 3 weeks approximately 2 to 3 tubes

- macerated


2 to 3 weeks approximately 2 to 3 vials

· Intertrigo of the toes


3 weeks, 4 bottles (including 1 for shoes and socks)

· Fungal infections of the hair: folliculitis, kerion sycosis

fluid emulsion

4 to 6 weeks about 2 to 3 vials lesions often very limited

· Tinea

cream + anti-fungal per os

4 to 8 weeks approximately 4 to 8 tubes



2 weeks, 4 bottles



1 to 2 weeks, 1 to 2 tubes

Against indications

Notion of intolerance or sensitization to imidazole derivatives, or to any of the constituents of the product.

Econazole Rpg side effects

· Due to the low resorption rate of econazole (0.5% - 2%) on healthy skin, the risk of systemic effects can be virtually ruled out.
However, on an injured skin, a large area, and in the infant (because of the ratio surface / weight and the effect of occlusion of the layers), one must be attentive to this eventuality.

· Locally, the rare manifestations of intolerance are sensations of burns, or sometimes pruritus and redness of the skin; these events rarely lead to discontinuation of treatment (approximately 1.7% of cases).

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