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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Anesthesia, resuscitation, analgesics
Active ingredients: Water for injections
laboratory: Fresenius Kabi France

Solvent for parenteral preparation
Pocket (PPP / SEB) of 1000 ml
All forms


Water for Injection is indicated as a vehicle for the dilution and reconstitution of drugs for parenteral administration.

Dosage WATER PREP INJECTABLE FRESENIUS Solvent for parenteral preparation Pouch (PPP / SEB) of 1000 ml

The dosage depends on the specialties to dissolve. The rate of administration is a function of the prescribed dose of medication.
After mixing the appropriate specialties, the dosage is usually a function of weight, clinical condition of the patient and medical examinations.
Administration mode :
Water for injections is intended for the dilution and administration of drugs. The volumes administered as well as the route of administration depend on the added specialties.

Against indications

- Water for injections should never be injected alone.
- The contraindications relating to the specialty administered must be taken into account.

Undesirable effects Prep Injectable Water Fresenius

- Intravenous injection of water for injections causes hemolysis if injected alone.
- Adverse effects specific to the added drug may occur.

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