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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Dermatology
active ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide
laboratory: Gifrer and Barbezat

Solution for local application
250 ml bottle (polyethylene)
All forms


Antisepsis of wounds and superficial burns and small extent.

Note: antiseptic agents are not sterilizing, they temporarily reduce the number of microorganisms.

Dosage WATER OXYGENEE GIFRER 10 V Solution for local application 250 ml bottle (polyethylene)

Apply pure on the wound or burn.

Reserved for external use. Do not swallow.

Against indications

· Do not put in contact with the eyes.

This preparation should not be used:

· For antisepsis before sampling (puncture and injection).

· For any invasive procedure requiring surgical type (PL, central venous) antisepsis.

· For the disinfection of medical and surgical equipment.

Undesirable effects Water Oxygenee Gifrer

Tingling sensation on wounds.

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