Water and thinness

It can not be repeated enough: drinking enough water is essential for the body, and therefore for our health. Because every day, our body loses water: urine , stool, perspiration , breathing. It is therefore essential to restore the water balance by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

Water and our line

Water is not only an ally precocious health: it is also a slimming aid not to neglect. While drinking water in itself does not lose weight, nor prevents to grow, contrary to popular belief, and even if we can read in all diets that it is recommended to drink a lot of water . However, water is essential as part of a balanced diet and dietary advice to lose weight.

Little explanation:

> Water is one of the few, if not the only, consumable products to bring no calories to our body. At the same time, water can provide a relative sense of satiety. This sensation is amplified with foods containing fibers that swell with water. The whole thing also facilitates intestinal transit.
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> As part of dietary rules to lose weight, sufficient hydration is essential to drain metabolic waste.
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> Some waters, and in the first place mineral waters, are a source of essential minerals (magnesium, calcium) that may be lacking if, unfortunately, the person does not follow good dietary advice to lose weight.
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> A misconception would be to say that to lose weight, we must avoid water retention, and therefore restrict its water intake, for fear of aggravating the problem ...
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Discover the different types of water and their different qualities - or disadvantages!

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