Dyslexia: the symptoms

The main symptoms of dyslexia are the difficulty in deciphering the words and, consequently, in understanding the text read.

The reading is hesitant, choppy, even incomprehensible. The words are badly cut, the reading is not syllabic, and the punctuation is not taken into account. As a result, the spelling is scrambled, whether the text is copied or dictated. The letters that are similar are confused (P and Q, B and D, ...) inverted, added, removed ...

This disability can cause secondary symptoms. The rejection of reading is one. The child refuses to read to avoid conflict or shame with his family, or other comrades. "I do not like to read, " he says. And we understand why. Because reading requires a lot of effort.

Difficulty can affect self-esteem, most often put to the test, and lead to a lack of self-confidence.

The symptoms are not very visible before the age of 5, year of learning to read. But it can happen that early warning symptoms are noticeable in kindergarten. Be careful, however, not to fall into the dramatization! A child may have difficulty reading or writing, without suffering from dyslexia.

However, if the difficulty persists, we must look for symptoms and confirm the diagnosis by a speech therapy assessment. Because a dyslexia can also go unnoticed for several years and be discovered ... in college. The child will have managed to compensate for his handicap by subterfuges until they are exceeded. Hence the need to remain vigilant!

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