Dyscalculia: Sources and useful addresses

Useful addresses:

- French Federation of Dys: www.ffdys.com

- The association DYS-POSITIF: //www.dys-po

- Reference center for language and learning disorders, Necker Children's Hospital, APHP. Tel: +33 (0)


- NGAP Title IV Chapter II Article 2 "Assessment of dyscalculia and disorders of logical-mathematical reasoning" / "Rehabilitation of dyscalculia and logico-mathematical disorders", nomenclature of acts of speech therapists.

- Molko N., Wilson A., Dehaene S., Developmental dyscalculia, a primary disorder of the perception of numbers, French Review of Education, No. 152, July-August-September 2005, 41-47.

Author : Marie Louveau
Expert consultant : Agnès Thibault, speech therapist.

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