Dyscalculia: when the numbers get tangled

Dyscalculia is a specific developmental disorder that involves calculus and logico-mathematical reasoning. She is getting closer to dyslexia, which is manifested by difficulty learning to read.

Less known than dyslexia, dyscalculia is a disorder also widespread. It is defined by a bad perception of numbers, and a difficulty to perform elementary calculations, like this subtraction: 7 - 3.

Although they have no intellectual problems, children with dyscalculia are unable to use or recognize the numbers, both to perform simple calculations and to assess nearby distances, and these children often have difficulty understanding that some numbers are larger than others.

If one does not take charge of a dyscalculia, the risk is to suffer from difficulties of reasoning, difficulties more or less important in computation and mathematics, from a language elaborated little - in particular for all that concerns the logical links, of difficulties in understanding grammatical links ... but also a rejection of school.

In case of dyscalculia, rehabilitation allows the patient to compensate for his difficulties, but also to be autonomous in his reasoning and in the use of numbers and mathematical operations.

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Updated: October 2016

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