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DURAPHAT 500 mg / 100 g

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Stomatology
active ingredients: Fluorine
laboratory: Colgate Palmolive France

Box of 1 tube of 51 g
All forms


Prevention of dental caries in adolescents and adults, especially in patients at risk for multiple caries (caries and / or root rot).

Dosage DURAPHAT 500 mg / 100 g Toothpaste Box of 1 Tube of 51 g

Reserved for adults and teenagers over 16 years old.

Dental path.

Do not swallow.

Carry out a careful brushing daily:

· Apply a 2 cm ribbon to your toothbrush every time you brush. 2 cm delivers between 3 mg and 5 mg of fluorine,

· 3 times a day, after each meal,

· In the vertical direction of the gum towards the end of the tooth.

Careful brushing takes about 3 minutes.

Against indications

This medicine should never be used:

· In case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Duraphat side effects

Gastrointestinal disorders:

Frequency not known (can not be estimated from the available data): oral burning sensation

Immune system disorders:

Rare (≥1 / 10, 000, <1/1000): hypersensitivity reactions

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