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Rights of the user to the hospital

Every user of the public hospital has a number of rights. These were significantly strengthened by the law of 4 March 2002 on the rights of the sick and the quality of the health system , as well as the "Charter of the hospitalized person".

These patient rights range from ensuring the quality of care to access to information, privacy and privacy.

In addition to the texts cited above, their implementation is based on a representation of users within the various bodies of the public hospital and the existence of a number of appeal bodies.

In parallel with these new and extended rights, it is essential - for the safety and health of everyone - that patients and visitors abide by a number of rules that will facilitate the hospital stay.

The user is at the heart of the concerns of the public hospital. It must accommodate any patient, without discrimination of any kind. The rights of the user are specified in the "Charter of the hospitalized person" (circular of March 2, 2006), which must be brought to the attention of each person hospitalized. This charter is available in seven languages ​​(German, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic):

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