Law and Pregnancy: For Active Women

Labor law has given every pregnant woman the status of a protected employee. If the law does not require the employer to be informed of pregnancy, this protects against dismissal and provides benefits such as the possibility of visiting monthly visits during working hours. In some companies, schedules are planned for pregnant women (see her collective agreement).

The protection of the pregnant woman at work is exercised at the time of hiring and during the professional activity. When hiring, a job applicant is not required to inform her employer of her pregnancy, and is not allowed to research this. The employer can not refuse a hiring on this ground.

There is protection of the pregnant woman against dismissal . From the beginning of her pregnancy to the maternity leave, the protection is relative, and does not apply in case of serious misconduct or impossible maintenance of her employment contract. During the maternity leave and the 4 weeks that follow, the protection is absolute.
If a pregnancy is duly reported within fifteen days of a declaration of dismissal, it is canceled. During the trial period, the employer can not terminate the contract of employment on the grounds of pregnancy.

In addition, the employer can not impose a change of position, except medical opinion, because the pregnancy does not modify the contract of employment. Whatever the seniority, the maintenance of the salary is assured.
Finally, if you wish to resign, you will not have to pay the notice period or pay the severance payments.

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