Law and Pregnancy: Maternity Leave

It is a suspension of the employment contract, it is mandatory of a minimum duration of 8 weeks . Failure to comply with this leave would result in sanctions. Its duration depends on the family situation, and it can be postponed in case of premature delivery or hospitalization of the child lasting more than 6 weeks. It can be extended in case of prenatal (2 weeks), and post-natal (4 weeks) pathology.

The duration of maternity leave is:
> For a 1st or 2nd pregnancy, 6 weeks of prenatal leave and 10 weeks postnatal.
> For a third pregnancy, 8 weeks prenatal and 18 weeks postnatal. Prenatal leave can be increased by 2 weeks, but postnatal leave will be reduced accordingly.
> For twin pregnancy, 12 prenatal and 22 postnatal weeks. Prenatal leave can be increased by 2 weeks, but postnatal leave will be reduced accordingly.
> Beyond (triplets and more) 24 prenatal and 22 postnatal weeks.

Paternity leave

For the father there are two forms of leave, birth and paternity leave.

> The 3-day birth holiday, normally counted as working days from the date of the event, is compensated by the employer.

> Paternity leave is granted to the father since January 1, 2002. It is for 11 days for a single birth and 18 days for a multiple birth . It may or may not be attached to birth leave, and must be taken within 4 months of birth. He is compensated by social security.

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