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Best ipa in pittsburgh

Best ipa in pittsburgh

Exploring Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Scene: A Guide to the Best IPA Breweries.

Exploring Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Scene: A Guide to the Best IPA Breweries

Pittsburgh, a city known for its steel mills and sports teams, has recently emerged as a thriving hub for craft beer enthusiasts. With a growing number of breweries and a vibrant beer culture, Pittsburgh has become an exciting destination for those seeking the best IPAs the city has to offer. In this guide, we will take you on a journey through some of the best IPA breweries in Pittsburgh.

Dancing Gnome Brewery:

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Sharpsburg, Dancing Gnome Brewery is a must-visit for any IPA lover. Featuring a rotating menu of hop-forward beers, Dancing Gnome offers a variety of delicious and aromatic IPAs. Their Hazy IPA, with its tropical fruit flavors and smooth finish, is a fan favorite. With a cozy and inviting taproom, Dancing Gnome is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a pint.

Brew Gentlemen:

Situated in Braddock, Brew Gentlemen is a brewery that has gained national recognition for their exceptional IPAs. Known for their attention to detail and commitment to quality, Brew Gentlemen consistently produces some of the best IPAs in Pittsburgh. Their flagship IPA, called General Braddock’s, boasts a balanced blend of citrus and pine flavors, making it a true masterpiece. Make sure to check out their outdoor beer garden for a laid-back experience.

Grist House Craft Brewery:

Tucked away in the Bloomfield neighborhood, Grist House Craft Brewery has made a name for themselves with their creative and bold IPAs. Their Danger Danger Double IPA is a crowd-pleaser with its intense hop profile and notes of grapefruit and pine. Grist House also offers a spacious outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying a pint on a sunny day. Don’t miss their rotating food trucks, which add to the overall experience.

Cinderlands Beer Co.:

Located in the Strip District, Cinderlands Beer Co. has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With their commitment to innovation and experimentation, Cinderlands continually pushes the boundaries of what an IPA can be. From their flagship Bigger Hop Imperial IPA to their rotating selection of small-batch IPAs, every visit to Cinderlands is sure to yield a new and exciting experience.

Hitchhiker Brewing Co.:

In the heart of Mt. Lebanon, Hitchhiker Brewing Co. brings a wide array of IPAs to the table. Known for their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, Hitchhiker’s IPAs are crafted with care and precision. With options ranging from their flagship Whole Punch IPA, with its juicy tropical notes, to their seasonal offerings, Hitchhiker Brewing Co. guarantees an IPA for every palate.

Strange Roots Experimental Ales:

While not exclusively an IPA brewery, Strange Roots Experimental Ales in Millvale is worth a visit for their unique take on IPAs. With a focus on incorporating wild and barrel-aged flavors, Strange Roots creates IPAs that are unlike anything you’ve tasted before. From their hibiscus-infused IPA to their oak-fermented versions, Strange Roots offers a truly out-of-the-box IPA experience.

As you embark on your journey through Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene, be sure to visit these esteemed IPA breweries. Each one offers a distinct take on the popular beer style, showcasing the passion and creativity of the city’s craft brewers. Whether you’re a seasoned IPA connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of craft beer, Pittsburgh has something to offer everyone. So grab a pint, immerse yourself in the local beer culture, and discover the best IPAs the Steel City has to offer.

Top-Rated IPA Craft Beers in Pittsburgh: Our Picks for Beer Enthusiasts.

Top-Rated IPA Craft Beers in Pittsburgh: Our Picks for Beer Enthusiasts

For beer enthusiasts in Pittsburgh, one thing that sets the city’s craft beer scene apart is the wide range of exceptional India Pale Ales (IPAs) on offer. Known for their hop-forward flavor profiles and refreshing bitterness, IPAs have gained a loyal following among beer lovers. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, discovering the top-rated IPA craft beers in Pittsburgh is an essential part of exploring the city’s vibrant beer culture. In this article, we present our picks for the top-rated IPAs that every beer enthusiast should try.

Hop Farm Brewery: Citrus Masterpiece

Located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, Hop Farm Brewery consistently produces some of the most beloved IPAs in Pittsburgh. Their Citrus Masterpiece IPA is a perfect example of their craftsmanship. Bursting with tropical fruit aromas, this IPA showcases a balanced blend of citrus flavors, including grapefruit, orange, and lime. The crisp finish and medium-bodied texture make it a refreshing choice for IPA enthusiasts.

Grist House Craft Brewery: Hazedelic Juice Grenade

Known for their innovative approach to brewing, Grist House Craft Brewery in Millvale offers a variety of exceptional IPAs. Hazedelic Juice Grenade stands out as a must-try for any IPA lover. This hazy IPA features a juicy combination of pineapple, mango, and passionfruit flavors, creating an explosion of tropical goodness with every sip. Its smooth mouthfeel and moderate bitterness make it an instant favorite.

Dancing Gnome Brewery: Lustra

Dancing Gnome Brewery, located in Sharpsburg, focuses on brewing small-batch, hop-forward beers. Among their IPA offerings, Lustra is a standout choice. This West Coast style IPA boasts a bold hop presence and a clean malt backbone. With pine and resin flavors leading the way, and hints of grapefruit and floral notes in the background, Lustra delivers a harmonious balance of bitterness and citrus that leaves a lasting impression.

Hitchhiker Brewing Co.: Bane of Existence

Hitchhiker Brewing Co., with multiple locations in Pittsburgh and Sharpsburg, has gained a reputation for consistently producing top-quality IPAs. Bane of Existence is a prime example of their brewing prowess. This double IPA boasts a hop combination of Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo, resulting in strong tropical fruit flavors complemented by a resinous pine undertone. Its smooth and creamy mouthfeel, along with a well-hidden ABV, makes Bane of Existence a dangerously drinkable IPA.

Roundabout Brewery: Slope Suds

Located in Pittsburgh’s bustling Lawrenceville neighborhood, Roundabout Brewery focuses on small-batch, experimental brewing. Slope Suds is a standout IPA that showcases a unique blend of hop varieties, delivering a complex and flavorful experience. Bursting with citrus, floral, and tropical fruit notes, this IPA offers a delightful balance of bitterness and juiciness that keeps you coming back for more.

Cinderlands Beer Co.: Bureaucracy of Angels

Known for their focus on quality and attention to detail, Cinderlands Beer Co. has become a prominent player in Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene. Bureaucracy of Angels is an IPA that exemplifies their commitment to excellence. This New England-style IPA is hazy and juicy, exploding with flavors of ripe mango, peach, and citrus. The velvety mouthfeel and low bitterness make it a delightfully smooth and easy-drinking IPA.

Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene continues to evolve, but one thing remains constant – the city’s love for exceptional IPAs. Whether you prefer a classic West Coast IPA, a hazy New England-style IPA, or a tropical fruit-forward IPA, Pittsburgh’s breweries have something to offer all beer enthusiasts. From Lawrenceville to Millvale and Sharpsburg, the city’s top-rated IPAs are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. So, grab your pint glass and embark on a flavorful journey through Pittsburgh’s IPA craft beer scene – you won’t be disappointed.

Unveiling Pittsburgh’s IPA Gems: Hidden Breweries and Tastings to Try.

Unveiling Pittsburgh’s IPA Gems: Hidden Breweries and Tastings to Try

Pittsburgh, often praised for its rich history, vibrant sports culture, and delectable culinary scene, has slowly but surely become a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. While the Steel City may not be immediately synonymous with IPA brewing, a growing number of hidden gems have emerged, luring beer aficionados and curious newcomers alike. Join us as we unveil Pittsburgh’s IPA treasures, from unassuming breweries to tastings that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Strip District, Dancing Gnome Brewery embodies the essence of a hidden gem. With its nondescript exterior, one might easily overlook this brewing haven. However, for those lucky enough to venture in, they are immediately greeted by an inviting tasting room bustling with patrons enjoying a pint or two. Dancing Gnome is renowned for its dedication to the IPA craft, producing a range of hop-forward beers bursting with flavor and complexity. From their signature Lustra IPA, brimming with citrus and tropical notes, to their rotational offerings, each sip is a testament to their commitment to quality. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor a pint of Juicy Pines, a hazy IPA featuring refreshing essences of pineapple and pine, or the velvety smoothness of their single-hop series aptly named Infinite Highway. Dancing Gnome Brewery is a true hidden treasure for IPA enthusiasts.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Pittsburgh lies Strange Roots Experimental Ales. Tucked away in the serene countryside of Gibsonia, this unique brewery offers a breather from the city’s chaos. Strange Roots, formerly known as Draai Laag Brewing Company, has made a name for itself by marrying traditional Belgian-style brewing techniques with an innovative twist inspired by the American craft beer movement. While their repertoire encompasses a wide range of styles, their IPAs deserve special attention. The brewery’s hazy, hop-laden creations deliver a fusion of Belgian yeast character and American hop forwardness, resulting in an experience that is truly unparalleled. Try their popular Shade and Substance IPA, a juicy and hazy delight, or opt for their ever-evolving experimental IPAs that showcase the brewery’s creativity. With a changing draught list that promises surprises with each visit, Strange Roots is undoubtedly a destination for the adventurous IPA lover.

For those looking to uncover an IPA gem while enjoying a scenic view, a trip to East End Brewing Company’s new taproom on Pittsburgh’s East Side is an absolute must. Situated in the historic Larimer neighborhood, the brewery boasts a beautifully renovated space that flawlessly combines the charm of its past with the vitality of its present. East End Brewing’s dedication to hoppy goodness is evident in their diverse lineup of IPAs. The Big Hop IPA, a classic that launched the brewery’s success, offers a delightful balance of floral and citrus flavors. If you have an adventurous palate, try the Green Giant IPA, an annual limited release highlighting different hop varieties. East End Brewing also embraces experimentation, as seen with their Cult Classic series, which reimagines classic styles with a twist of creativity, including their IPA offerings. With its inviting taproom and a beer garden that is the perfect spot to soak up the sun, East End Brewing Company is a hidden gem that combines picturesque vistas with delectable IPAs.

As Pittsburgh’s beer scene continues to flourish, it is essential to uncover the hidden gems that contribute to its vibrant diversity. Dancing Gnome Brewery, Strange Roots Experimental Ales, and East End Brewing Company are just a few of these establishments that epitomize the craftsmanship and innovation that have come to define Pittsburgh’s IPA culture. Whether you are a self-proclaimed beer geek or a curious visitor, these breweries and their offerings will undoubtedly leave you thirsting for more. So next time you’re in the Steel City, make sure to uncover these hidden IPA treasures and experience the hoppy magic that Pittsburgh holds.

A Taste of Pittsburgh’s Hoppy Delights: Discovering the Best IPAs in the City.

A Taste of Pittsburgh’s Hoppy Delights: Discovering the Best IPAs in the City

When it comes to craft beer, Pittsburgh is steadily making its mark on the map. With a rich history rooted in steel and industry, this vibrant city is now building a reputation for its excellent breweries and flavorful IPAs. From traditional interpretations of the style to innovative twists, Pittsburgh offers beer enthusiasts a chance to explore a range of hoppy delights. Join us as we take a journey through the city’s craft beer scene, uncovering the best IPAs that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

First on our hoppy itinerary is Church Brew Works, situated in the beautifully restored St. John the Baptist Church in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. This unique brewery has mastered the art of brewing balanced and bold IPAs. One standout is their Pious Monk Dunkel IPA, a fusion of two unlikely styles. This beer combines the toasted malt sweetness of a traditional Dunkel with the bright, citrusy hops of an IPA. The result is a harmonious union of flavors that will captivate both IPA enthusiasts and traditional beer lovers alike.

Next, we head to Grist House Craft Brewery in Millvale, known for their commitment to showcasing the freshest and highest quality ingredients in their beers. Their rotating selection of IPAs ensures a unique experience for every visit. One particularly noteworthy option is Hazedelic Juice Grenade, a New England-style IPA bursting with juicy, tropical fruit flavors. Its hazy appearance and creamy mouthfeel make this IPA a true standout, providing a refreshing and satisfying experience for those seeking a departure from traditional hop-forward IPAs.

For those with a sense of adventure, Dancing Gnome Brewery in Sharpsburg showcases some of the most innovative IPAs in the city. While they excel in a range of styles, their Double Lustra IPA deserves special recognition. This hop bomb explodes with intense flavors of citrus and tropical fruits, delivering a hoppy punch that will leave your taste buds begging for more. With its velvety smooth texture and a balanced bitterness, the Double Lustra offers a truly indulgent IPA experience.

Moving on, we find ourselves at Hitchhiker Brewing Company in Sharpsburg, a brewery known for their dedication to quality and experimentation. One of their most sought-after IPAs is the Whole Punch Series, an ever-changing lineup of beers featuring different hop combinations, providing a multitude of flavors and aromas. With each release, Hitchhiker showcases their ability to push the boundaries of what an IPA can be. Whether you prefer floral and citrus notes or piney and resinous flavors, the Whole Punch Series has something to offer all IPA enthusiasts.

Last but certainly not least, we visit East End Brewing Company in the Larimer neighborhood. This neighborhood staple has been producing exceptional beers since 2004, and their selection of IPAs is no exception. One of their standouts is the Monkey Boy IPA, a classic American-style IPA with a well-balanced hop bitterness and a delightful citrus aroma. This beer embodies everything that makes an IPA enjoyable, making it a must-try for any beer connoisseur visiting Pittsburgh.

As our journey through Pittsburgh’s hoppy delights comes to an end, it’s clear that the city has something unique to offer IPA enthusiasts. From traditional to innovative, these breweries have mastered the art of crafting exceptional IPAs. Whether you’re a fan of the hop-forward West Coast styles or the juicy New England variants, Pittsburgh’s beer scene has it all. So, plan your visit, grab a pint, and savor the flavors of Pittsburgh’s finest IPAs.

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    Pittsburgh has some truly incredible breweries, but when it comes to IPAs, one stands above the rest. XYZ Brewery’s IPA is simply phenomenal. With a perfect balance of hop bitterness and fruity notes, it delivers an explosion of flavor with every sip. The aroma alone is enough to entice any beer lover. It’s no surprise that this IPA has gained a cult following in Pittsburgh. Whether you’re a die-hard IPA fan or just starting to explore this style, XYZ Brewery’s IPA is a must-try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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