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Pain in the chest

A pain in the chest is often associated with heart disease. It is therefore not surprising that it often gives rise to anxiety in the person concerned. Chest pain is a common reason for consultation ... or even emergency.

Chest pain - called " chest pain " by doctors - can have many causes with severely varying degrees of severity. The causes may for example be cardiovascular, digestive, pleuropulmonary, musculoskeletal or neurological.

To exclude (or confirm) a serious illness revealed by chest pain, it is important for a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis .

But what exactly are these diseases likely to cause pain in the chest? What type of pain is it? What symptoms should be concerned and taken seriously? What tests can help diagnose? And what treatments are possible?

You will discover in this file the answers to all your questions to have the right reflexes if you feel pain in the chest.

In any case, it is essential to consult your doctor or to call emergencies in case of disturbing symptoms. At "worst", it is a false alarm and chest pain is caused by causes quite innocuous. But let's not forget that chest pain can have serious causes - and consequences -. It is therefore better to be vigilant.

Authors: Dorothee Gebele, Dr. Nicolas Evrard

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