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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Dermatology
active ingredients: Chlorhexidine gluconate
laboratory: Gifrer and Barbezat

Solution for cutaneous application
Box of 30 single-dose containers of 100 ml
All forms


Antiseptic agents are not sterilizing: they temporarily reduce the number of microorganisms on the skin.
Cleaning and antisepsis of superficial and small wounds.

Dosage DOSISEPTINE 0.05% Solution for dermal application Box of 30 Single-dose containers of 100 ml

Two applications a day.
The solution is ready for use. It can be applied directly to wounds.

Against indications

- Sensitization to chlorhexidine (or its chemical class).
- Do not apply in eyes, ears, mucous membranes.
- This product must not penetrate the ear canal, especially in cases of tympanic perforation or, in general, be brought into contact with nerve tissue or meninges.

Dosiseptine side effects

- Risk of systemic effects (see Warnings).
- Few cases of idiosyncrasy (particularly anaphylactic shock) have been observed with chlorhexidine.
- Possibility of allergic eczema of contact.

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