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Generic drug of Diovenor
Therapeutic class: Cardiology and angiology
Active ingredients: Diosmine
laboratory: Sanofi-Aventis France

Coated tablet
Box of 30
All forms


· Functional manifestations of veno-lymphatic insufficiency: heavy legs.

· Treatment of functional signs related to the hemorrhoidal crisis.

Dosage DIOSMINE ZENTIVA ADVICE 600 mg Film-coated tablet Box of 30

Oral way.

Caution : Depending on the indication, the dosage and duration of treatment are different.

In veno-lymphatic insufficiency: 1 tablet a day, in the morning before breakfast.

The maximum duration of treatment by the patient without medical advice is 2 months (60 consecutive days).

If the symptoms (heavy legs) persist beyond 2 months of treatment, or worsen, a medical evaluation is necessary.

In the hemorrhoidal crisis: 2 to 3 tablets a day, at the time of meals.

The treatment should be a short term one.

The maximum duration of treatment by the patient without medical advice is limited to 5 days.

Against indications

This medicine is generally not recommended during breastfeeding (see section Pregnancy and breastfeeding ).

Undesirable effects Diosmine Zentiva Conseil

Some cases of digestive disorders rarely result in discontinuation of treatment.

Reporting of suspected adverse reactions

The reporting of suspected adverse reactions after authorization of the drug is important. It allows continuous monitoring of the benefit / risk ratio of the drug. Health professionals must report any suspected adverse reactions via the national reporting system: National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (Ansm) and the network of Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers - Website:

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