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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Pneumology
active ingredients: Theophylline
laboratory: Serp

Sustained-Release Capsule
Box of 30
All forms


· Asthma with paroxysmal dyspnea

· Asthma with continuous dyspnea

· Spastic forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Dosage DILATRANE 300 mg Prolonged-release capsule Box of 30

· It will be adapted to individual susceptibility, depending on efficacy and adverse effects. The daily dose will be administered:

o in two shots per 24 hours

o in one go at night.

Against indications

· Intolerance to theophylline

Dilatrane side effects

Variables from one subject to another, essentially:

· Nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain

· Headache, excitement, insomnia

· Tachycardia

These side effects may be the first signs of an overdose.

The appearance of convulsions is the sign of confirmed intoxication, but may be the first sign, especially in children.

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