Dilatation of the bronchi: treatments

In case of dilatation of the bronchi, independently of the treatments of the cause, it is necessary to intervene with a common symptomatic treatment, aiming at a good drainage of the bronchial secretions.

This is done through a daily respiratory physiotherapy that frees the lungs sputum. It is important to teach the patient which positions allow him to empty his lungs as quickly as possible.

Antibiotics can be given in case of bacterial infection (tetracycline, penicillin or ampicillin ... depending on the infecting germ). Any possible ENT infections should be treated with antibiotics.

Vaccinations against influenza and pneumococcus are advised.

In case of dilation of the bronchi stopping smoking (and any irritating substance) is essential!

It is also necessary to avoid a number of drugs that could cause problems, such as expectorant syrups and oral or inhaled corticosteroids.

In case of frequent episodes of dilation of the bronchi, it is important to take regular sputum samples, to monitor the types of germs present. There may indeed be bacteria that do not respond to the usual oral antibiotics.

In cases of localized bronchial dilatation, if lung involvement is significant or in case of pulmonary abscess, surgical intervention may be decided by removal of the affected lung section.

To better understand: schematic presentation of the lungs

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