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DIFFU-K 600 mg

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Metabolism and nutrition
Active Ingredients: Potassium Chloride (E508)
laboratory: Ucb Pharma SA

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Treatment of hypokalaemias, in particular medicinal (salidiuretic, corticoid, laxative).

Dosage DIFFU-K 600 mg Capsule Box of 40

Preventive treatment: 2 to 3 capsules per day (ie 16 to 24 mmol (mEq) / day).

Curative treatment: 5 to 12 capsules per day (40 to 96 mmol (mEq) / day).

Against indications

Hyperkalemia or any situation that may lead to hyperkalemia, in particular: renal failure, addisonian syndromes, uncontrolled diabetes (because of metabolic acidosis), congenital myotonia, concomitant treatment with a potassium-sparing diuretic alone or in combination (except under strict control of serum potassium) .

Adverse effects Diffu-K

· Hyperkalemia (with risk of sudden death): this is to be prevented by the control of serum potassium (4.3 and 4.4).

· In high doses, possibility of peptic ulceration. Some cases of hail ulceration have been reported with some solid oral forms. The ulcerogenic risk is reduced due to the dispersion and slow dissolution of KCl microcapsules.

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