Tasteless diabetes: the symptoms

The symptoms of diabetes insipidus usually occur abruptly, to the point that it is common to remember the exact date of their onset.

The excretion of a large volume of very clear urine goes hand in hand with an imperative and permanent need to drink (polydipsia), day and night.

Curiously, diabetes insipidus can go unnoticed, sometimes for decades. This is the case in partial forms. And as long as the person can drink, she is fine, the symptoms do not appear as obvious.

The existence of certain "diktats" (drinking a lot and eliminating is good) also contributes indirectly to mask this syndrome ...

After examining the patient, the doctor may prescribe additional tests.

A water restriction test is recommended in the hospital. This consists in depriving the patient of water for a few hours in order to evaluate the concentration of the urine (they turn brown = normal urine and remain white = diabetes insipidus). At the end of the test, we sometimes inject a hormone: DHA to check that the urine concentrates well, which confirms the lack of DHA.

But since there is suspicion of diabetes insipidus, an MRI can be performed as a first-line to determine the cause. If no cause is found on the MRI, but there is indeed this primitive thirst, we proceed to the water restriction test. It is always interesting to distinguish diabetes insipidus Potomania Potential, a behavioral disorder that is characterized by a compelling need to drink.

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