Atopic dermatitis: the symptoms

As noted earlier, atopic dermatitis occurs very early, around three months, but sometimes in the first six weeks of life.

The disease causes itching and red lesions covered with vesicles (oozing or crusted) on the cheeks, limbs and sometimes the trunk.

In the infant, the itching will be noticed by a disturbed sleep, abnormal attitudes (child who rubs against the sheets, agitation), later one observes marks of scratching.

The cutaneous areas concerned are located on the folds (knees, elbows, neck), with, in periods of outbreaks, a larger extension. Dry skin is a recurring problem, especially in winter.

Flares may be favored by certain foods (egg white, cow's milk), or inhaled substances (animal hair), or by ENT infection, or a dental rash.

An improvement can occur at the age of two years .

Around six years of age, atopic dermatitis very often disappears, more or less completely. It sometimes happens that the child develops an asthmatic disease. Flares may occur later in adolescence or adulthood.

Doctors evaluate the severity of atopic dermatitis by a score that analyzes the importance of clinical signs: scorad ( scoring atopic dermatitis ).

An allergological assessment, with, in particular, the determination of blood EIGs, or skin tests, can be performed.

Buttons on the skin: what disease could it indicate?

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