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Broken tooth: The causes

The cause of a broken tooth can be a trauma. Lesions, fracture, expulsion ... Following a shock, a fall, an accident at the level of the dentition, one or more teeth can be reached.

The trauma can be more or less visible. Thus, the tooth may have suffered internal injuries, a fracture, to be moved into its bone socket, or even expelled. Dental accidents of this type are quite common in children.

Apart from accidental causes, other factors can also cause a broken tooth. The fracture of a tooth may be due to a weakening of the tooth due to decay, "devitalization" or periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium): the process of embrittlement of the tooth begins with a crack of which one does not realize, after to provoke the fracture of the tooth.

A large filling can sometimes cause a broken tooth, and that because the material used to rebuild the tooth is often more resistant than enamel. Over time, because of the pressure of this material on the enamel during chewing, the tooth can break.
Bruxism (clenching or abnormal and involuntary grinding of teeth) can also put the teeth at risk and in addition to tooth wear, bruxism can cause a broken tooth if it is fragile.

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