Dengue: the causes

It is a virus, of the arbovirus family, which is involved in dengue fever.
This is transmitted via a vector, a mosquito called Aedes Aegypti, but also Aedes albopictus (the tiger mosquito), involved in the transmission of dengue fever.

It is the sting of an infected female mosquito that contributes to the spread of the disease. It collects the virus circulating in the blood when it bites an infected person, then spreads it by pricking other people.

Formerly restricted to Southeast Asia, dengue now extends to all tropical and subtropical regions, particularly in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, with a predilection for urban and semi-urban areas.

The number of infected people has increased significantly in recent decades.

The resurgence of the disease is due to the emigration of populations to cities where mosquitoes can spread in certain neighborhoods. In question: the lack of hygiene, with the bins not evacuated, drinking water stored in drums colonized by female mosquitoes ...

Unlike other mosquitoes (as for malaria), the dengue vector mosquito feeds during the day, with a peak of activity early in the morning and in the evening before dusk. During each of these periods, the female stings multiple people. This is why the prevention of dengue fever, in endemic areas, protects against mosquitoes during the day.

The tiger mosquito in pictures:

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