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Detect an STD: Itching

You have itching, or a burning sensation at the genital level. Even an intimate toilet does nothing. The symptoms are particularly troublesome, burns prafois "unbearable", especially in case of vulvar or vaginal inflammation.

The problem can have different causes:
> a vulvovaginal mycosis
> vaginitis
> crabs

Vulvovaginal fungus

How she catches herself:

Vulvovaginal fungus is due to the proliferation of a fungus, the Candida albicans of its small name. He can get caught by sex or skin contact. An imbalance of the vaginal flora favors the contamination of these fungi.

The causes of this imbalance can be related to:

  • A hormonal variation: pregnancy, taking a pill ...
  • The use of antibiotics: the latter destroying not only the bacteria related to a disease, but also a part of the vaginal flora, making it more vulnerable.
  • Bad hygiene practices (toilet with a too aggressive soap, for example).
  • A problem of clothing: underclothes too tight, synthetic material ...

Symptoms :

  • Itching, burning sensations in the vagina and vulvar area,
  • Little red lips, inflamed or swollen,
  • Painful intercourse,
  • Burning sensation when urinating,
  • Thick white, sticky, yogurt-like losses, curdled milk.

Severity and complications:

Vulvovaginal mycoses are very common in women, but heal quickly and are more troublesome than severe.
However, they are often recidivist. It is therefore necessary to be constantly vigilant as for its intimate hygiene, and not hesitate to consult quickly a doctor, as soon as the first irritations are felt . Fast treatment can prevent the fungus from evolving to a very intense or even unbearable stage of itching.

Diagnostic :

Often, the description of symptoms and a gynecological examination are sufficient to make the diagnosis. The doctor can sometimes examine a sample of microscope losses in his office. He may also ask for a more in-depth review in the laboratory.


The doctor will prescribe essentially a local treatment:

  • An antimycotic cream or eggs.
  • The use of a personal hygiene product with alkaline PH.
  • If the inflammation is very important, the doctor will advise you a liquid anti-inflammatory solution.

Duration of treatment: 3 to 10 days.

Note: The partner may also feel a burning sensation during the report, or have redness on the glans. He must then use a local treatment (an antimycotic cream) for 8 to 10 days.

Causes and prevention, rules of hygiene and treatments ... Do you know what is needed on genital mycosis to protect yourself? Take our quiz to find out!

The crabs (or "phtiriase")

How they catch each other:

No need for intercourse with penetration to contract this parasite. The contamination can indeed result from a simple pubic contact against pubis, or through clothing.

Symptoms :

  • Itching in the pubis, but sometimes underarms, beards, eyebrows ... (all areas of hair).
  • Appearance of small red spots between the hairs.
  • Presence of tiny traces of blood in the underwear.

Severity and complications:

  • Bacterial superinfection possible, following continuous scratching.


Application of a powder or lotion on contaminated areas, the results of which are fast and effective.

It will also be necessary to disinfect clothes and sheets thoroughly.

Want to share, share your experience or need advice? Appointment in our FORUMS STD, Sexuality or A doctor answers you!

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