Anxiety: can we heal?

In some cases, a background of anxiety persists, even if the crises are spaced out or disappear. What is certain is that it is possible to learn to manage your anxiety attacks and even to prevent them!

What is important is not to trivialize these crises. They are the sign of a malaise, sometimes profound, that must be treated. To let the symptoms become chronic is to take the risk of being totally invalidated by repeated anxiety attacks.

The role of the entourage is, then, important. The pain, the discomfort experienced, are really unbearable. The understanding of loved ones is important for those who suffer. It is a disease in itself that must be treated.

Cognitive and behavioral therapies, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, or hypnosis and EMDR can be very effective in preventing anxiety attacks. In principle, they will help to calm and manage anxiety attacks. Physical activity is also a great way to soothe anxiety and reduce the frequency of seizures. Anxiolytic treatment, if prescribed, should not be taken for more than one month. The psychiatrist is best placed to decide whether to start or stop treatment.

If anxiety is no longer a major embarrassment in your daily life, follow-up is not necessary. If the attacks of anxiety reoffend, and they cause suffering, a new consultation will of course be advised.

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