Anxiety: the diagnosis

When the crisis occurs, especially when it is one of the first crises, it is necessary to consult his doctor, to determine the origin, organic or psychic, establish an accurate diagnosis of disorders.

But, as the anxiety attack can take many forms, the diagnosis can be long to assert. And that's the problem. Because of course, for the doctor, before considering a problem of anxiety, he must look for a possible serious oragnic problem (such as a heart disorder).

The time to see that it is not a problem heart or digestive (and it may take several years), the patient has time to "chronicle": anxiety attacks then become more and more frequent and the fear of a new crisis of panic generates new anxieties. It's the vicious circle. Mental symptoms and physical symptoms worsen each other. Appear, then, in many cases, phobias.

If the crisis occurs, for example, in a certain situation (cinema, transport, etc.), the person learns to avoid this situation and to fear it. If panic attacks occur anywhere, anytime, the anxiety becomes permanent and the person finds himself cloistered in a sort of mental prison. You must know that many people with this disorder, try to end their lives.

But the diagnosis of anxiety can also be established more quickly and obviously, in some people, especially when the physical manifestations are less critical, and that the person is anxious, or even has phobic tendencies, or depressive ...

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