Andropause: the symptoms

The occurrence of andropause in humans may be accompanied by physical symptoms but also psychic, especially sexual and / or psychological.

Here are the symptoms that can alert:

  • changes in the skin,
  • a decrease in mass and / or muscular strength
  • an increase in fat tissue around the waist,
  • signs of general fatigue,
  • sleep disorders,
  • a diminished intellectual concentration,
  • mood changes,
  • irritability or depression,
  • a decrease in sexual desire,
  • a decrease in the quality of erections especially nocturnal,
  • a decrease in bone mass with the appearance of osteoporosis sometimes.

Age-related androgen-deficiency may affect the function of several organs such as the brain, bones, prostate, muscles and affect the quality of life in some men. We talk about hypogonadism. It is more common after 60 years.

These symptoms are not always present, even if testosterone levels in the blood are low, some men see their quality of life decreased and lead them to see a doctor.

The ADAM test (androgen deficiency in aging men) is a simple questionnaire that codifies the degree of andropause and impact on the quality of life of humans.

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