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ANAHELP 1 mg / 1 mL

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Allergology
Active ingredients: Adrenaline
laboratory: Stallergenes

Injectable Solution (IM / SC)
Emergency kit of 1 pre-filled syringe of 1 ml
All forms


For adults and children over 6 years: Emergency treatment of the symptoms of anaphylactic or anaphylactoid shock caused by a drug or by a bite of Hymenoptera (hornet, wasp, bee).
In life-threatening situations adrenaline may be used, even in sulphite-sensitive patients.

Dosage ANAHELP 1 mg / 1 mL Solution for injection (IM / SC) Emergency kit of 1 pre-filled syringe of 1 ml

Injection subcutaneously or intramuscularly, preferably in the anterolateral aspect of the thigh.
- Possibly, installing the tourniquet according to the instructions for use.
- ANAHELP must imperatively be prescribed by a practitioner who must review in detail with his patient the instructions for use to ensure that the latter properly understands the indications and conditions of use of the device.
- The removal of a fin allows the release of a small portion of the piston and the injection of 0.25 ml of adrenaline.
- The usual dose is 0.01 mg / kg.
- Example of dosage:
. child from 6 years to 12 years : 0, 25 ml.
. children over 12 years old and adults : 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml.
- The beneficial effects appear within 3 to 5 minutes after the injection that can be repeated, in adults, after a delay of 15 to 20 minutes.

Against indications

- This medicine is generally not recommended in case of:
. severe coronary insufficiency,
. obstructive cardiomyopathy,
. ventricular arrhythmias,
. combination with halogenated volatile anesthetics, imipraminic and serotoninergic-noradrenergic antidepressants (milnacipran, venlafaxine) and guanethidine and related.
However, considering the vital risk, this treatment can be administered in case of anaphylactic shock.
- Never inject intravenously.

Anahelp side effects

- The transient and minor side effects of adrenaline include: palpitations, breathing difficulties, pallor, dizziness, weakness, tremor, headache, fever, sudden high blood pressure.
- Due to the presence of sulfite, risk of allergic reactions, including anaphylactic reactions and bronchospasm.

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