Anemia: Treatments

The treatment of anemia will of course depend on its cause.

In case of more or less visible bleeding, it must be identified and stopped. This can be quite complicated in case of digestive bleeding.

In case of too much menstruation, the woman can take hormone treatment to reduce the importance of bleeding.

Some anemias are related to acute diseases where everything comes back in order as soon as the cause is known and treated. Other anemias are linked to complex diseases, which can be difficult to treat.

For women with heavy periods, one can also offer to increase their iron intake through a suitable diet. Iron is particularly present in dried vegetables (chickpeas, lentils, soya, ...) and in meat, liver, eggs, cereals. Many foods contain iron, but not always in sufficient quantities, for example in vegetables that are mostly water-based and that should be eaten in large quantities to ensure minimum daily martial rations.

Moreover, people suffering from gastric diseases or gastrectomized persons (who have had the stomach removed) must be followed, it may be essential to prescribe vitamin B12 in these patients.

Medications, especially chemotherapy, can decrease the synthesis of red blood cells. For these patients, we now prescribe EPO, a hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells at the same time as chemotherapy.

Deficiency anemias are often preventable, especially pregnancy anemia, which can be prevented by a varied and balanced diet and the possible supplementation of iron and folic acid.

In case of very severe anemia, infusion therapy may be necessary.

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