Hemolytic anemia: Treatments

After performing some additional tests (blood test, myelogram, genetic analysis ...), an accurate diagnosis will be defined. It is in a hematology department that the patient can be taken care of. But sometimes in infectious disease service if the origin is parasitic or bacterial ... And the most appropriate treatments will be prescribed. Some of these treatments can be quite heavy and require regular monitoring.

There is no single treatment because it is intrinsically dependent on the cause of hemolytic anemia and its type. In some cases of minor haemolytic anemia, the positive evolution is spontaneous and does not require treatment. Bone marrow compensates for the destruction of red blood cells. Sometimes it is enough to dismiss the toxic product responsible (such as lead) for a return to normal.

In other cases, the treatment of the cause allows the improvement: drugs (anti-parasitic, for example) can be prescribed.

In case of hemolytic anemia of autoimmune origin where it is an abnormal production of antibodies that are mistaken for target and destroy the red blood cells, treatment with corticosteroids may be necessary.

In more severe cases, blood transfusions or ablation of the spleen are sometimes the only possible treatments.

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