Iron deficiency anemia: The causes

The cause of iron deficiency anemia is a lack of iron. Iron deficiency can become more and more important. There are three consecutive stages, iron deficiency anemia corresponding to the last stage.

Stage I

At first, the body no longer has enough iron stock. This is a common case, even when you have a diet rich in iron. Low iron stores are defined by low ferritin levels. However, the hemoglobin level remains in the norm.

Stage II

The second stage: iron deficiency usually manifests as smaller red blood cells with a lower hemoglobin content. Because iron is an indispensable constituent of hemoglobin that enters the constitution of red blood cells.

Stage III

Finally, the third stage of iron deficiency - and the most serious - is iron deficiency anemia. This anemia comes from a significant decrease in iron, which means that hemoglobin levels are below the limit values ​​(less than 12 or 13 gr / dl of blood).

It must be known that this whole process can be long. It takes several months before presenting with chronic iron deficiency anemia. It is therefore possible to diagnose iron deficiency, before reaching the chronic iron deficiency anemia proper, unlike an acute anemia caused by a major hemorrhage, during an ectopic pregnancy termination, for example, or following a delivery.

But beware, if there is iron deficiency anemia, it is probably that there is a blood loss somewhere in the body that must be sought, treated and stopped. The two most common causes? The blood loss is of digestive origin (stomach, colon ...), and of gynecological origin marked by heavy or weak bleeding in the long course, or urinary.

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