Iron deficiency anemia: The preferred diet

A sufficient level of iron in the body can be protected by a suitable diet.
Choose a healthy diet based on animal protein and various vegetables. You can forget the famous Popeye spinach that would bring a lot of iron, it is a received idea!

Knowing that the daily iron intake must be 10 to 15 mg.

For every 100 g of food, the iron content is:
10 to 30 mg for offal (liver); 19 mg for black pudding; 12 mg for cocoa; 8 to 23 mg for shellfish and oysters; 10 to 15 mg for the sound fibers; 10 mg for parsley; 4-8 mg for egg yolks; 5 mg for dried vegetables (lentils); 2 to 4 mg for red meat ...

Finally, know that tea slows the absorption of iron through the digestive tract. If your doctor has prescribed a treatment that is rich in iron, take your tea away.

In pictures: Foods that contain iron

Sources and notes

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