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Ampoule: The treatments

To prevent the formation of a bulb, it is advisable to moisturize the skin of the feet and hands. During the first use of new shoes, to avoid friction, we can put dressings in areas at risk. To prevent the formation of blisters on the hands, it is advisable to wear protective gloves when doing manual activities.

After the formation of a blister, the best is to leave it closed. If the blister is too painful and prevents it from walking, for example, it must be pierced in several places with a needle that has been heated (and cooled), evacuate the liquid by gently pressing on it, after having disinfected with disinfectant or soap and water.

If it has been pierced by itself, it must only be disinfected and put a bandage, taking care to change it every day if only to check the progress towards healing. Normally, this is done in a few days.
It is better to leave the dead skin on if it is not too damaged or soiled, it protects from painful blows.

"Double skin" dressings
There are now "double skin" dressings that can be applied as a preventive or just at the beginning of the constitution of the blister. Athletes know them well and few people do not have them in their emergency kit. Your pharmacist will guide you in choosing one of these products. Attention, these dressings can not be used if the bulb is already pierced and if the superficial dermis is exposed.

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