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Alzheimer's: what can loved ones do?

In France, 860, 000 people suffer from Alzheimer's disease. This so-called degenerative disease becomes, over time, more and more disabling and disrupts the daily life of the patient, but also of those around him.

Because if memory is impaired in these patients, many other symptoms occur, such as behavioral changes.

Yet 75% of patients live at home, with their spouse or with their children. The situation is then very difficult for the patients, but also for the close ones.

For the caregiver then often begins a new life made of adjustments and compromises. How to cope, and especially to live better this disease, from the point of view of the patient and his entourage? What helps to bring in case of Alzheimer's disease?

Aids for patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease are essential. And very often it is the relatives who do the most work in this area, at the risk of being exhausted. The aim of the relatives is to delay as much as possible the transfer of the patient to a specialized center.

In this file, discover the advice of a specialist doctor, Dr. Georges Patat, a gerontologist and Alzheimer's specialist.
You will also find in this article tips for managing everyday life, finding help, and arranging the home of a sick person. The testimony of Nathalie, who has been taking care of her mother for a long time, is moving. At the end of this article: a listing of useful addresses to be helped.

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Alzheimer's disease affects 850, 000 people in France. But 3 million people suffer because the relatives are concerned too ...

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Authors: Christine Vilnet and Dr Nicolas Evrard.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Georges Patat, Gerontologist.

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