Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Dermatology
Active ingredients: Piperonyl butoxide, Permethrin, Methoprene
laboratory: Arkopharma

Bottle of 125 ml
All forms


Curative treatment of human pediculosis of the scalp.

Dosage ALTOPOU Lotion Bottle of 125 ml

Wet the hair thoroughly with the lotion and spread the product well by rubbing for 3 minutes.
Leave in contact for 30 minutes.
Rinsing is not obligatory however a washing with a soft shampoo makes it possible to rid the hair of the lice and the slow nits. It can also be useful to pass a fine comb to eliminate nits.
In case of major infestation, the application can be renewed the next day.

Against indications

Allergy to one of the constituents of the product.

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