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ALPHACUTANE 400 μkat / 100 ml

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Rheumatology
active ingredients: Chymotrypsin
laboratory: Leurquin Mediolanum

Powder and solvent for emulsion for cutaneous application
Box of 5 vials of powder + 5 ml solvent vials
All forms


Adjunctive local treatment of post-traumatic or post-operative edema s.

Dosage ALPHACUTANEE 400 μkat / 100 ml Powder and solvent for emulsion for dermal application Box of 5 vials of powder + vials of solvent of 5 ml

Reserved for adults .
Apply one to several times a day, massaging slightly.
Administration mode :
Prepare the reconstituted emulsion freshly by pouring the solvent vial into the powder vial. Shake and pour over the area to process the necessary amount; penetrate by a light massage.
The emulsion obtained is active for 48 hours.
Wash hands after use.

Against indications

Hypersensitivity to any of the components.
Do not use on mucous membranes, eyes, oozing dermatitis, eczema, infected lesion or wound or under occlusive dressing.

Alphacutanee side effects

Local allergic reaction requiring discontinuation of treatment.

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