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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Contraception and termination of pregnancy
Active ingredients: Miristalkonium chloride
laboratory: CAG Pharma

Vaginal cream
Tube without applicator of 80 g
All forms


The therapeutic indications of ALPAGELLE, vaginal cream are limited to:

· Local contraception: this method considerably reduces the occurrence of pregnancy without completely eliminating the possibility: the effectiveness will be all the better that this mode of use will be better respected.

Use in general and more particularly:

o when there is a temporary or definitive contraindication to oral contraception or IUD (intrauterine device);

o during contraception after delivery, termination of pregnancy or during pre-menopause;

when episodic contraception is desired.

· Adjuvant of local contraception by vaginal obturator (diaphragm) or by IUD.

Dosage ALPAGELLE 0.9% Vaginal cream Tube without applicator 80 g

Local application (vaginal route).

The protection obtained by ALPAGELLE is immediate. Renew the application before each report.

After the reports, an immediate external toilet is possible, but we will wait 1 hour at least if we want to do intravaginal irrigation.

The specialty ALPAGELLE can be used alone or possibly with any type of shutter (ALPAGELLE not altering the rubber).

Against indications

Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients, see section Composition .

Adverse effects Alpagelle

Due to the presence of terpene derivatives, as excipients, and in case of non-compliance with the recommended doses:

· Possibility of agitation and confusion in the elderly.

Reporting of suspected adverse reactions

The reporting of suspected adverse reactions after authorization of the drug is important. It allows continuous monitoring of the benefit / risk ratio of the drug. Healthcare professionals declare any suspected adverse reaction via the national reporting system: National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (Ansm) and the network of Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers - Website:

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