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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Ophthalmology
active ingredients: Sodium cromoglicate
laboratory: Pierre Fabre Medicament

Eye drops in solution
Bottle of 5 ml
All forms


Symptomatic treatment of ophthalmic diseases of allergic origin.

Dosage ALLOPTREX 2% Eye drops in solution 5 ml bottle

Ophthalmic way.
Adults and Children: Depending on the severity of symptoms, instill 1 drop into each eye, 2 to 6 times daily, at regular intervals.
In children, medical advice is needed.

Against indications

Hypersensitivity to sodium cromoglicate or to any of the constituents of eye drops.

Adverse effects Alloptrex

Possibility of occurrence:
reactions of hypersensitivity to sodium cromoglicate or to one of the constituents of eye drops,
- temporary visual discomfort after instillation of eye drops,
- Due to the presence of benzalkonium chloride, risk of contact eczema, irritation.

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