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Allergologist: the specialist for treating allergies

As the name suggests, an allergist doctor is a specialist in the management of allergies, whether respiratory, cutaneous, digestive, etc.

When to go to an allergist?

It is advisable to consult a doctor, especially a specialist allergist doctor, in case of:

  • asthma,
  • important eczema,
  • conjunctivitis that are repeated,
  • Hives that multiply ...

Other persistent symptoms may lead you to consult an allergist:

  • a repeated cough,
  • eyes that sting constantly,
  • eyes often red,
  • a stuffy nose ...
Other circumstances may lead to the opinion of this specialist, such as the occurrence of Quincke's edema, an important reaction after the bite of a wasp or a bee.

Many young children suffer from eczema, a skin condition that requires skin care and specific medications.

Allergies can be very numerous and diversified: food allergies, respiratory, cutaneous ...

Note that allergy can be part of an occupational disease: asthma developed by people working in contact with flour, or building employees allergic to certain products used in this field of activity.

The number of people with allergies continues to grow. Thus, in 40 years, repiratory allergies have increased from 3% to 25% of our population.

Test: What is your risk of being allergic?

Individual allergic risk depends on many factors. Take our test and discover your personal risk of allergies. Just answer a few questions!

Want to react, share your experience or ask a question? See you in our FORUMS Allergy or A doctor answers you!

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