Pollen allergy: symptoms

Different symptoms may reveal pollen allergy, but not all patients identify them clearly and many neglect to see a doctor.

It is first of all the eyes and the nose that are affected:

  • The runny nose or stuffy nose, sneezing are strong and successive.
  • The eyes cry and sting, it happens that they are red and itchy.

But these symptoms of pollen allergy may be associated with other signs such as itching of the palate and ears.

In some people, allergic rhinitis can also be accompanied by asthma: coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing when breathing, it is recommended to consult without delay.

Fatigue is also a symptom of pollen allergies. It is particularly troublesome in everyday life.

These symptoms always appear at the same season, with the arrival of spring.

In case of allergic reaction, it is recommended to consult an allergist. He begins by asking many questions about the circumstances of onset of symptoms to properly identify the agent responsible for these allergic reactions. And better identify the pollen allergy. But it is an allergological assessment to immediate reading that allows the diagnosis.

On the forearm is deposited extracts of different pollens that "tickles" with a needle to make a skin micro-break (painless) so that the products enter the skin. In case of allergy, after 15 minutes, a small itchy pimple appears in the area of ​​the pollen concerned.

To confirm the allergy to a pollen, the allergist checks that the period of discomfort (rhino-conjunctivitis, asthma) corresponds to the pollination period of the concerned plant (late winter for trees, spring for grasses).

Contrary to popular belief, these tests are carried out from an early age.

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