Slimming foods: do not eliminate too fast some foods

In a slimming program, one could - wrongly - dismiss certain foods, such as starchy foods (typically bread and other cereal foods such as pasta, but also legumes and pulses).

However, they bring a lot of minerals and vitamins. They also have the advantage of being very satiating, which is important to control hunger ... Because the feeling of satiety is an important factor when you want to rebalance your diet.

Among sugary foods, foods with a low glycemic index are also preferred. An example: prefer the whole rice to the very cooked white rice (read our sheet on the glycemic index).

Moreover, even if food should be preferred ... it is useless to "demonize" some of them, it could lead to problems of eating behavior.

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Behavioral factors

If the choice of food is important, the other factors to be included in a slimming program, are behavioral.

It is necessary, for example, to take the time to taste slowly its food by paying attention to their taste. You have to listen to your body, be able to stop eating when you feel full. Of course, physical activity must also be increased.

If you are having difficulty rebalancing your diet, finding the right foods, if you have difficulty eating less compulsively, more relaxed, if you experience frustrations ... then it should not do not hesitate to consult a health professional (doctor, dietician, psychologist specialized in nutrition and eating behavior).

To know more

One thing is certain, as part of a slimming diet, it will try to restrict the foods that bring a lot of calories, especially those that are said to bring "empty calories" (without great nutritional value: with few vitamins, minerals or fibers). Among these foods: alcohol, sodas, cheese spreads ...

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