Low potassium diet: notes and sources

WHO online information: New WHO guidance on salt and potassium in food

Michel Olmer: Living with kidney disease. 4th edition. Published by LIEN Association
(Liaison Information in Nephrology)

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Rev. Med. Liege, 2005; 60: 4, 222-226.

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Triglycerides: Understanding your blood test results - Nutrition

Triglycerides: Understanding your blood test results

Like cholesterol, triglycerides are lipid compounds (fats) in our body. Triglycerides are essential to our good energy. It's when their rate goes up too much, that you have to be careful. If we like poetry, we can also call them triacylglycerols or triacylglycerides, but in our home language, they are called triglycerides
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Vegetarianism: what you need to know - Nutrition

Vegetarianism: what you need to know

The term vegetarianism refers to a diet that excludes meat and fish , or even all products of animal origin such as milk , cheese and eggs . The reasons for vegetarianism Poor animal husbandry or slaughtering conditions, diseases linked to overconsumption of animal proteins, unequal access to food resources between the North and the South of the world
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Vitamin B12: the symptoms of a lack of vitamin B12 - Nutrition

Vitamin B12: the symptoms of a lack of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and weight. When the deficiency becomes more severe, it causes tingling in limbs, difficulty walking and memory problems ... With age, the absorption process of vitamin B12 becomes more difficult: people of old age can therefore suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin
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nutrient - Nutrition


To be healthy, the body needs energy and nutrients . The proteins , carbohydrates , lipids and dietary fiber that are brought into the daily diet , are, as such, essential for maintaining a good physiology of the different tissues of the body. Here is the essential information to know about these essential nutrients for our well-being
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