Algodystrophy: our advice

If in the majority of the cases, the treatments against the algodystrophie bring a profit, they sometimes lack a real effectiveness, where the interest after a traumatism, to take some preventive measures, some tricks to know:

  • Have regular supervision during periods of contention (when the leg or the arm are immobilized in a plaster for example).
  • Avoid prolonged immobilization (it should be as short as possible). Even if your arm is in a cast, do not stay inactive.
  • Start a gentle reeducation as soon as possible.

The advice of the specialist doctor

Interview with Dr. Georges Dalzotto, medical specialist, orthopedic and traumatological surgeon.

Who to consult in case of pain?

Dr. Georges Dalzotto : Most often, the disease appears as a result of trauma, so it is the orthopedic surgeon who took care of you who is led to establish the diagnosis of RSDS.

For that, it will be able to help of additional examinations like the radiography, the bone scintigraphy, even the MRI. You can also consult a rheumatologist but with the new course of care, you must first see your general practitioner (attending).

Algodystrophy would occur more often in anxious, depressive, hyperactive subjects ...

Dr. G. D : You have to be careful because there is no formal proof on that. But it is true that among patients affected by disabling algodystrophies, there is a higher percentage of very anxious people, anxious, with personal concerns. In this case, antidepressant treatments may be prescribed in addition.

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