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ALBEY VENIN BEES (Apis) 550 μg

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Allergology
Active ingredients: Bee Venom
laboratory: Stallergenes

Powder and solvent for solution for injection
Box of 1 fl.powder (+1 diluent 9 ml + 3 fl.diluent 1.8 ml) of 550 μg
All forms


- Specific desensitization treatment of allergic subjects to bee venom.
- The indication is based on the association of a history of severe clinical reactions with positive diagnostic tests as well as on the occurrence of generalized reactions in subjects with high exposure or with cardiovascular and / or bronchopulmonary risks.

Dosage ALBEY VENIN OF BEES (Apis) 550 μg Powder and solvent for solution for injection Box of 1 Fl.powder (+1 diluent 9 ml + 3 diluent 1.8 ml) of 550 μg

Strict subcutaneous route.
- Reconstitution and dilutions:
The extract is reconstituted by adding 5.5 ml of solvent to the contents of a powder vial.
The concentration thus obtained is 100 μg / ml. Additional vials of 1.8 ml of solvent may be provided as needed separately depending on the dilutions used.
To obtain a 10-fold lower concentration (10 μg / ml), inject 0.2 ml of reconstituted extract into a 1.8 ml vial of solvent. Repeat the procedure starting from the vial thus obtained (10 μg / ml) to obtain a concentration still 10 times lower (1 μg / ml) and so on.
- Usual dosage for the desensitization treatment:
The protective maintenance dose is 100 μg of venom extract. It can be increased to 200 μg in the case of beekeepers or for patients inadequately protected by 100 μg.
The protocol used to achieve the maintenance dose of 100 μg should be adapted by a physician experienced in allergology, depending on the clinical condition and tolerance of the patient.
The arrival times at the maintenance dose depend on the method used:
. in a few hours (Ultrarush) or a few days (Rush): in a specialized environment only,
. in a few weeks: conventional method.
This maintenance dose is injected every 4 to 6 weeks, desensitization can be continued for 3 to 5 years, or longer in some cases.
- The recommended treatment regimens are identical in adults and children.

Against indications

- Unusual reactions (renal, muscular, articular) after bite of Hymenoptera.
- Severe immune deficiency.

Adverse effects Albey Bee Venom

- Local reactions at the injection point of the papule ortied type, which can be accompanied by edema of variable importance. Fast dose escalation methods appear to induce local reactions more frequently.
- Generalized manifestations after injection (similar to reactions observed after stinging of the hymenopteran), ranging from general malaise, with or without urticaria, to anaphylactic shock. Significant asthenia may be observed in some subjects during the few hours following the injections.

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