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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Pneumology
active ingredients: Salbutamol
laboratory: Teva Sante

Suspension for oral inhalation
Pressurized bottle of 200 doses
All forms


- Symptomatic treatment of the asthma attack.
- Symptomatic treatment of exacerbations during asthmatic disease or chronic obstructive bronchitis when there is a reversible component.
- Prevention of stress asthma.
- Reversibility test of bronchial obstruction during respiratory functional explorations.
Note : This specialty is particularly suitable for subjects who have been shown to have poor hand / lung synchronization necessary for proper use of conventional metered dose inhalers without an inhalation chamber.

Dosage AIROMIR AUTOHALER 100 μg / dose Suspension for oral inhalation Pressurized bottle of 200 Doses

- Treatment of the asthma attack and exacerbations :
at the first symptoms, inhale 1 to 2 puffs.
This dose is usually sufficient, if persistent symptoms, it can be renewed a few minutes later.
- Prevention of exercise asthma : inhalation of 1 to 2 puffs 15 to 30 minutes before exercise.
- The daily dose should not usually exceed 15 puffs per 24 hours (see warnings).
Administration mode :
Inhalation by dispenser with mouthpiece.
For correct use, it is desirable that the doctor ensures the proper use of the device.
After shaking the device, removing the protective cap from the mouthpiece and placing the lever in the "raised" position, the patient should:
. Exhale normally,
. present the mouthpiece at the entrance of the mouth and close the lips around.
A dose of salbutamol is delivered into the lung when the patient inhales deeply through the mouthpiece.
An apnea of ​​a few seconds should be maintained after each inhalation.
After use, the lever will be returned to the closed position and the protective cover will be replaced on the mouthpiece.
For hygiene reasons, the mouthpiece should be cleaned after use.

Against indications

Intolerance to this medication (occurrence of cough or bronchospasm after inhalation of the product). In this case it will be necessary to interrupt this treatment and to prescribe other therapies or other forms of administration.

Airomir Autohaler side effects

Can rarely be observed at therapeutic doses: extremity tremor, muscle cramps, palpitations and sinus tachycardia, headache.
As with other inhaled products possibility of cough occurrence and rarely paradoxical bronchospasm following inhalation. In this case, treatment should be discontinued and other therapies or other forms of administration prescribed.

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