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Adopt a child: how to go about it: The testimony of Angelica

The testimony of Angélique, 34, who adopted a little girl. a few months ...

Why did you decide to adopt?

We always wanted to adopt because we wanted a big family with at least 4 children. When we started the "baby trials", we quickly told ourselves that there was a problem.

After a year of testing, my gynecologist made us test and told us (rather coldly) that it would be difficult for us to have a child without medical help. Just out of his office, we decided not to use medicine, but to turn immediately to adoption.

In concrete terms, how did this happen?

The following week, I wrote to the General Council which sent us a file to fill out with medical examination, birth certificate, criminal record and a whole series of questions.

We were then invited to an appointment with a social worker, to whom we had to tell our life since our childhood. A few months later, we had to start again with a psychologist. Then, they both came home, to know our environment.

At the end of 10 months, our file passed before a commission which granted us an approval for the adoption of a child pupil of the State as young as possible.

Then, you waited a long time ...
In fact, the wait begins, with an annual confirmation of the approval. After 5 years, it was necessary to start a renewal of approval, because it is only valid for 5 years. So we started all over again from the beginning with a file, a medical examination, a psychiatric interview and an interview with the social worker.

We had to go to committee for the renewal of our approval on February 11th. On February 7th, we received a registered letter announcing that we had been chosen to be the parents of a little girl of two months and a half who was placed at the nursery.

How was the meeting?

We were able to meet her from February 11, in a very small room of the nursery. Her referent nanny brought her to us. She was very small and weighed only 3.2 kg, but she was wonderfully beautiful. I approached to talk to her and she smiled. She made me her mom at this moment, and I can assure you that I recognized her as my daughter, it was her and not another!

We made the go-back (the nursery is 100 km from home) for 4 days and we spent as much time as possible with her, and finally on February 14, we were able to take her home and start our life to 3.

How do you see the future?

By my testimony, I would like to say that our little girl has filled us with happiness for almost 3 years. At first we wanted to restart an adoption procedure, but we do not want to answer a lot of questions, and to tell our life, and especially we do not want to relive the wait and make it live to our daughter, so we will stay all 3.

What anguishes us a little in the future is the adolescence of our daughter, we already shield, we know that we will be entitled to "you're not my mother" and other nonsense of this ilk. We hope that our chip will live its adoption well and that it will succeed in building with its history. She knows that we adopted her, she has pictures of the nursery and maternity, we talk to her regularly saying that she was not in my belly, but in our heart.

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