Addictions: get by! : drug addiction

Dr. William Lowenstein answers Internet users' questions about addiction and medications.

I have been taking Subutex® for about 5 years. Can I follow a treatment with milder medicines that would lessen the unpleasant effect of Subutex® (which in part causes my TCA)?

Dr. William Lowenstein: Subutex® is not a treatment for life! But it may be necessary for a few years. Drug addiction is certainly addictive, but it is regulated, without overflow, medically followed, very different from a chaotic and tyrannical addiction to heroin. Many people take lifetime medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, or hypothyroidism, and they do not morally question their treatment. Be kind to yourself! Let yourself be treated, you can not always control everything and then feel guilty!

Can you take 1/2 mianserin 10 mg tablet for life without harming your health? I am 66 years old.

Dr. WL: Yes, by continuing regular medical and biological monitoring (every three months) by taking blood samples and asking for a liver and kidney test: NFS, platelets, CPK, creatinine ...

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Any object of pleasure can become an addiction , Interview with Michael Stora, psychologist, psychoanalyst, therapist for people addicted to games. Human Health 396, July-August 2008 (INPES).
-Young people and alcohol, what prevention ?, Human Health 398, November-December 2008.


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